Friday, 25 September 2015

Paint Me Red

I was staring at my black and green computer screen unseeingly, my mind elsewhere, thinking about what I would have for dinner and which movie I would watch tonight... After all, it was Friday. And in the process of such ruminations, I reached the Blogadda website. A sudden splash of colors roused me from inactivity, and my interest was piqued. Paint Me Wild. That was what was splashed across the screen in pink. I couldn't stop myself from scrolling over to

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An array of color swatches greeted me. I remember when I first learned to use Paint, all my attention was bestowed on the paintbox. I used to spend so much time choosing the colors and did them so very carefully and painstakingly that by the time I had drawn one shape, my classmates had already finished with the entire set.

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The PaintFinder tool got me into that mode again. I started browsing through the various themes. There was Dusky Lavender, Retro, Grecian Blue, Aged Beige and so on. I so wanted to play with those colors right away. And then my eyes fell on Colonial Red.

Unlike the images in Grecian Blue or Aged Beige, which felt Greek and English respectively, these looked intrinsically Indian. The enduring red brick monuments, the dusty deserts, the camels and the color of their multicolored saddles. I was irresistibly reminded of the huge turbans of the mahouts which seem to have in them all sorts of possible colors. And the majestic monuments. Have you ever looked at the Red Fort in all its splendor? In fact, look at any monument of yore. Except for the famed Taj Mahal, almost all of them are in red brick. Walking along the old Mughal tombs and forts, admiring the reddish hue, a red which never seems to fade, an enduring persistent red, gives one a feel of the bygone times. The color is beauty in itself. It has both the pinkish tinge and the brownish burn in it. There is a certain richness in red, which I do not feel in any other shade. No wonder, blood is red.

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Red has the pink of romance and red has the earthiness of brown. The shade is just brilliant. Right there, within the confines of my office cubicle, I had transported myself to a world rich with culture, history, stories and memories. Red has an Indian feel to it, an earthiness which is plainly beautiful. During art classes, when you had to fill color in people's clothes, what color did you use? I must confess I had a certain predilection for red. It looked to me the most imperial color of the lot. The lion of the colors. The king. I guess if I have any makeover, Colonial Red would be the most regal. The most striking.  

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