Bragging Rights... (My Publications)

You may skip this section if you don't like braggarts or writers, or both. But if you wish to find out how much stuff from my mind's bin reached out into the world, this is arguably the best place for it.

            Among the top 6 winners for Twinkle Khanna's prompt


            The Hindu :

All about ways of expressive articulation - Read here

A daily dose of adventure for this flaneuse- Read here
·         Readomania Books

·         Twilight’s Children - Get it here
The Hashtag Hero

·         Mock, Stalk and Quarrel - Get it here
The Holy Trinity

·         Defiant Dreams (featured in Oprah Winfrey's Book Club 2.0 list of South Asian works) - Get it here
Please Leave Your Sex Outside - Read the story on Juggernaut 


·         Kaafiyana - Get it here
Brown (a poem) published in Kaafiyana as one of the winners of the Delhi Poetry Festival 


Readomania Website

The Keeper of The Keys - Read it here

The Black Angel - Read it here

The Train - Read it here

The Odd Even Times Contest – Winner
The Trial - Read the winning entry here

·         Women’s Web:

Muse of the Month Winner – March, 2018
Lioness out on the streets - Read the winning entry here

Moving to a new home - Read the winning entry here

·         EmsigPro Blog:

Across the Line - Read it here

·         WatStory:

The Third Wheel - Read it here

The Bet - Read it here

·         IndiBlogger:

My First Expert - Runner up!

Runner-up in Godrej My First Expert blogging contest - Read the winning entry here

HP Star Wars IndiBlogger Contest Winner

Runner-up in the HP Star Wars Fun Side Challenge - Read the winning entry here

·         BlogAdda:

Winner of My Intern Theory contest - Read the winning entry here

Winner of Know Your Rights contest - Read the winning entry here
WOW posts:

The Finish Line - Read it here

Kiss Me...Close Your Eyes...Miss Me - Read it here

Menstrupedia (shortlisted for Victory Chronicles): here

Your Story Club

The Black Cat - Read it here

The Vicious Circle - Read it here

Love 2.0 - Read it here


The Heirloom - Read it here

·         Being Cyrus:

Freelance Writer
Read my articles here

·         Campus Diaries

Read my work here

·         Incredible Women of India E-Magazine:

Incredible Women Writers of India 2016 - Read my interview here

Gender Stereotyping - Read it here

·         InsideIIM

Badi Badi Campus ki Chhoti Chhhoti Stories 
The Reunion - read it here

Interview on Women's Day - Read the interview here

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