More About Me...

So, what were you saying?
Actually, it’s kinda loud here in my head.

The word is "rich".
I like my life rich in variety, style and experience. Like kids have wide-ranging fantasies and dreams, jumping from profession to profession, sometimes wanting to be a doctor and sometimes an astronaut, it's somewhat similar with me. I may be seen as a dabbler. I feel like having the best of all worlds and not missing out on anything. And so you will find long forgotten paintings of mine with oil pastels, water/acryclic colors in the closet beside a stack of diaries with illegible scrawls and yellowing pages. I love the scent of old books and feel that my appetite for paperbacks overrides that for street food (or maybe that’s not such a great comparison. But you get the drift, right?). I feel wolfish when I see written material lying about. If I tell you that I have attained visharad in Kathak dance form (and a sizeable amount of experience in Bharatnatyam and Bengali folk) or that I have a junior diploma in Indian classical music, I won't be lying. And that's why when I hear a song, I sometimes try and classify it as one of raaga yaman or bhairav, of taal dadra or keharva; or when I see dance reality shows, there is a sudden urge in me to get up and groove; or when I listen to a particularly 'danceable' song, I start fantasizing how it would be if I had swayed to that particular music. There was also a time when I used to act in plays and dramas during school annual events and festivals in our locality like Janmashtami and Durga Puja. There was one time when I played 'Sri Ramakrishna' (the saint) - beard, ochre vestments and all; it was funny and kinda painful - when I had to wrench away my false beard. I remember I even shouted slogans and cried vehemently in a nukkad natak once (we had actually bagged a prize that time!). Then there were those extempores, youth parliaments and debates (apart from the ones I have with my brother), pauranic katha pratiyogitaas, Project Citizens, endless contests and stuff in school that seem so far away now, although the ‘organization’ and ‘management’ bug still figures large in my life, compelling me to barge into any kind of event that comes up. There is an oleo of stuff I feel like doing but there is only so much time. 'Jack of all trades' would probably be an overstatement and dilettante would be a tad superficial, but I would be content to tag myself as a lover of the world and its fantasies-the arts, the sciences- everything that's amazing about it.
Richness. Yes. That’s what I look for in my life.  

PS : Did I forego mentioning coding? Oh yeah, that’s my field of work at present (I have a degree in it actually) so, in my leisure, I try my hand at making codes.

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