Friday, 25 September 2015

Advice Anyone?

Remember Emma and Mr. Knightley and how the latter was the man whose opinion and advice Emma regarded most highly? No wonder kings always had adviser ministers. In the present day, we have all brand of advisers in our professional spheres- legal advisers, mentors and what-not. The value of true advice can only be gauged by those who face debilitating dilemmas, need a sound counsel desperately or are at such a crossroads, from where their life forks into widely different pathways. 

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I would be lying if I said that my parents had been my only advisers. One’s parents and grandparents are one’s natural advisers and well-wishers that one is gifted with at birth. Therefore, life’s crucial decisions are always talked and debated over with them- that is almost a given. However, I have observed that decisions vary in the degrees of severity.

Some are level 1 difficulty on a scale of 1 to 10; things which we are supposed to be old enough to handle on our own. And we usually manage to do so (at least some of us, if not all! ). For instance, what to wear to a formal gathering, which car to buy, which diet regime to adapt and so on. However, some dilemmas are at a deadly level 10 - the wring-your-neck and drive-you-crazy ones, which easily get delivered to family, for example- career options, jobs, relocation and the like.

But what about those other class of problems that are neither 1 nor 10 for others, but to you they might seem a tight 8 or probably even an 11? When I talk of such cases, I'm actually taking a subjective perspective of problems. There are certain issues that wreck your conscience even though they may not matter a few years later or even after a few months. For instance, disagreements between people, altercations with your loved ones, vexation and incompatibility with certain fellows and so on and so forth.

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Consider the situations when you are in a dilemma about whether to take up a venture or not. Or perhaps when you are at the zenith of your ego and in no mood to back down; you might be in a form that might impact your relationships adversely. Sometimes, these decisions are harder, probably the hardest, for the right and the wrong are not so well defined. Google might act as an advisor when you want to choose a course or select an appropriate location for your house. But when the matters are subjective and subject to not just yours but many others' idiosyncrasies, only a ‘sachchi’ advice can extricate you from such a quagmire.

And I am blessed to say that I have such a Mr. Knightley as Emma had or such a Chanakya  as Vikramaditya had. They-who-need-not-be-named have played the role of the classic friends to me. Always there for me with the earnest and the soundest advice. It must be borne in mind that people, in general, are very free with dispensing advice but very few give ‘sachchi’ advice. Via Max Life Insurance's #SachchiAdvice activity, I want to acknowledge the role of those wonderful people in my life. I want them to know that they are valued.

It is easy to extol virtues
And easier to condemn vice,
But not easy enough to give someone #SachchiAdvice!

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