Thursday, 25 June 2015

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Been sexually assaulted? Go for an out-of-court settlement

/* We have heard of mediation and out-of-court settlements in matters of family and property disputes. It is an effective way to offload some of the enormous pile of cases from the courts. But to extend this to criminal acts is not just a travesty of justice but an admission that rape is as mundane as a property dispute these days, if not more prevalent. By taking away the minor's say in the verdict, the Madras High Court has accorded no value to the trauma that she must have undergone. Consider the fact that a person who is raped has to go through the rigorous and ruthless cross-examination (like the humiliating two-finger tests) to make her/his voice heard and file a report. Not just these cases drag on for years, but now are being dismissed out of court in a cavalier manner. An overhaul of the legal system today is more necessary than ever before.  */

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