Monday, 21 March 2016

The Land of Scribbles

On the occasion of World Poetry Day, let me try my hand at some versification. A few free verses. Or doggerel, if you will. For everyone has the right to rhyme. Or not.



Spirits soar and
Leap beyond self, 
Streams trickle towards each other,
Reborn into a cataract,
Gushing from a height.
Essences merge,
Panglossian ideals and pluperfect dreams
Feel real enough,
Lulling you into a sweet madness.

The lines between devilry and sainthood blur,
Shades and hues of all kinds find home
Here, in this habitation of freedom,
In this haven of thoughts,
In this milieu of doodles,
In this tiny land of scribbles,
Where love is the only rule,
Where all are kings of their destinies,
Where dreams have found a way to exist,
Where life has found a way to thrive,

Despite the threat of indifference.


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