Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The World Remade...or Unmade?

Whispers from a forgotten yesterday breeze through my present day as I read the title of the latest BlogAdda challenge- World remade. I remember how they used to get me all confused, those baffling and yet the most FAed (Frequently Asked) questions in extempore or essays- what would you do if you were the PM for a day? If I was Shahrukh Khan for a day...if I was invisible for a day...if I got hold of Aladdin's magic lamp for a day and so on and so forth. This 'Act God for a day' simulacrum of those oft-asked questions amused me. Like the ambitious project of the ruling party at the Centre-Make in India, I found this Playing God game another attempt at controlling and monitoring mankind and carrying out passive activism via this trite yet ambitious thought experiment. Shape the world in your ideals, create your idyll, your own utopia. What would you do? Make sure the religious fanatics and extremists do not commit manslaughter in the name of the Creator (in your name you mean!) ? Ensure the women lead lives of dignity? Feed the hungry, clothe the poor, help the downtrodden and reward the do-gooders? I would love a world of optimum balance, a world where people are not afraid to voice their beliefs, a world where the concept of violence does not exist, where equality is marred only by a distinction based on merit, a world where 'no man lives for the sake of another man', a world where 'the mind is without fear and the head is held high'...
But I wonder can there be a world where such idealities exist, where such a perfect balance be maintained? A world where there is no misery and no pain? A utopia? A paradise?
It struck me that the root of all imbalance lies in the capacity of deceit in the mind. The complexities of the human brain and the unpredictability of it all creates the foundation for every kind of joy and cheer, crime and punishment that ever existed. What if I as a Creator dissolve the barriers between all the minds? Such that there is no way to mask one's feelings? No way to show that you are happy when you are bleeding inside? No way to betray someone because the intent is plain to the other? Yes, I am talking of telepathic conversations. What if every entity from the tiniest atom/quark to the largest planets and the most advanced species have the same medium of communication-the same language? What if all the entities are unified at a certain level with a common language to their rescue? In that case, the lamb wouldn't let the lion feast on it and the earth wouldn't let us humans till it and thence, wars would result. Fierce and unabated, unparalleled and unprecedented wars that would have no winner, for life itself exists only because some entities feed on some other entities. Life manages to exist only because it exists in this manner. It just wouldn't exist in any other way. The battles, the wars, the ideal clashes, the terrors and the beauty, all of them exist because the world has been made the way it has been made. If the world is remade, it just wouldn't exist. The world remade is either this or none!

I am participating in the #TheWorldRemade activity at BlogAdda in association with India Today #Conclave15


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